In Praise of Participation

 It's a joke. 

Younger people are just spoiled children because they were given trophies just for participation.

What's wrong with that? Where would the 'winners' be without the other participants? Who would cheer for them? Work alongside of them to achieve the goal? Who would challenge them to excel?

Participating is actually important. 

It's the people who participate who make a difference. The ones who show up - to help, to vote, to cheer others on, to dare greatly to be a part of something more than themselves.

Our state lottery likes to remind people that they can't win if they don't play. The only time I EVER bought a lottery ticket, I walked into the store on a bright, sunny day, 20 min later - weird clouds had gathered and as I walked out a sudden hail storm hit! I didn't win but I did get this great story, because I participated. Once.

Most of us don't win but the world would be so much less interesting without out efforts, without our support, without our stories. That's the real trophy.

This is the day that the Lord has made - go forth and PARTICIPATE in it! 


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