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I spent most of my adult life wondering when the real grown ups would show up and help me figure things out.
Looking back they were there all along in role models like my mom, my aunts, my friends and family. I found them in my faith, my community and my entertainment (books, Tv, Movies, songs, plays). So now it's my turn. I'm finally grown up (ISH) and here to help, if I can.
With that in mind I hope to create a format of topics to keep the focus on learning, growing, laughing and helping. Or at least reading about those things from the comfort of wherever you put up your pink glitter tennis shoes and open a screen.

Here's a sample of what I hope to include from time to time:

Never Wear a Bikini in the Secretarial Pool - When work isn't working, or you aren't, or your coworkers are more like co-slakers, Helen is here for you with tips and giggles.
Let a Smile Be Your Cocktail Umbrella - Just a little crazy mixed up mixology with that little ol' whine maker, Helen.
Men Only Want One Thing, Dinner/What to Make When Your Pot Luck Has Run Out - A retro recipe revival
Come Thrift With Me - When your ho-hum day needs a lift, come along with Helen and find some thrifts!
Hel's Kitsch'N'Sink - A summary of the week, with a little bit of everything.
Missed Manners - Life is full of rude awakenings, Helen tries to help you avoid a few.
The Curious Curator - A collection of things found on the web, memes, videos, articles, views on entertainment, books, movies, people I see while I'm out that just need talking about. And so on.
Going Out of IN Style - retro fashion
 Everything Old is New Again - repurposing old things. Hubby Hartman, beware!
HELEN HELPS! - Ask Helen anything, she may just tell you a thing or two.

If you are grown up or hoping to be so one day, make a suggestion for a topic. I'd love to hear from you.


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