The Curious Curator - You Tube Edition

The Curious Curator - I watch crap so... you can too! Frankly, I cannot fathom why I've been put on this earth if not to share what I love and what I've learned with others.
Yes, even if the 'others' could care less or would rather I keep my opinions to myself.

Who better? Unlike those dopes on radio or so-called influencers who only have their own self interests at heart, Auntie Helen wants to make the world a better place. Because Auntie Helen has to live here too.

With that in mind, (watching crap, sharing, making the planet a better place for Helen to live) let me tell you what awesome things I've discovered this week. Some may have been around awhile but Helen has just now fallen in love with them. My criteria for making this list is that simple. I like it, I've watched it in the past week. Today's curiosity: YouTube.

I cannot believe I didn't know there were whole channels of people trying on cheap wigs for our amazement! Here is my absolute fav find this week, and not just because she reminds me so much of me. Well, okay, that's a lot of it. But also, CHEAP WIGS!!

I try never to flip my wig. I only own the one and wouldn't want it getting caught on the ceiling fan! (Because it would stay there a year before I finally got a broom and batted it down)

And Randy Feltface. My son made me watch it. As an author and general person who like wicked humor I fell in love. Bad language bonus points ;)

Pete Holmes. Just put the name in the YouTube Search bar and listen. He's a stitch and can be so honest and thoughtful. I couldn't pick one.

I've seen this, or ones like it a ton of times. But I watched this one 2xs last week, so thought you'd love it too.

The Westinghouse All Electric Home

Those 70s commercials - doing research for a 1970s project and found these gems. Enjoy!

Sue Anne Nivens... I mean BETTY WHITE! I'll have what she's having... to clean my kitchen.

Those are my recommendations. I watched a lot more. YouTube is like picking a fight with me over who's supposed to put the laundry away. If I'm home for more than a half an hour, It's ON.


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