HATS OFF! And on.

I love hats. I mean, waaaaay too much for this day and age. Meaning the days when people think of hats as red flags or camouflage and this age... my age, which long ago moved from sweet young thing to sassy senior. Still, I love them and I love wearing them. I love the looks I get, which are not always approving.

That's okay. The only time I seek approval is when I've swiped my card at the vintage shop. That emphatic APPROVED is all I need.

For this I staged some but others needed to be modeled. I tried to convince my dogs to do it but I couldn't reach an agreement with their agent, the cat. Meow-ch.

So hang on to your hat... because if it's cute, I may steal it! And here we go:

That 70's look

A beaded beauty

Audrey would approve, don't you think?
Audrey again.
For a lady who has had way too many breakfasts, (none at Tiffany's sadly), I do love trying to look like
 Miss Holly Golightly

Aunt Bea and her pal Clara

I remember ladies wearing this kind of hat and love it but haven't found a reason to wear it.

1960s GOLD number.  Not easy to get a good photo of it but it's tres chic.

The hat that has gotten the most wear this summer.

Pink pillbox. So sweet. The hat, not the person wearing it.


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