Clothes Calls

Another week in retro fashion! My goal is to wear more of what makes me happy but chose not to do crinolines this week because I wasn't feelin' it.

When I dress like this strangers stop to tell me how cute my outfits are. Most common is You are adorable. I don't know if that counts as a compliment or just a statement of fact. After all, I Am adorable!  Just see for yourself:

Oh, the things you see in a toy store!

That Girl aspirations with Golden Girls reality.

40s feeling in black and attitude.

Whenever I wear this dress I feel like I should be working in a hospital office.. Since I love bossing people around, I like that.

I didn't wear this out but did have fun channeling Mrs. Brady in prep for time traveling back to 1970 next week

What I often wear when I go out thrifting. My Parks and Recreation t shirt. Why do Bubbles suddenly appear every time I am near? Can't be my bubbly personality! 


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