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 Judy Garland got it wrong. You do not 'HAVE' yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  Merriment, whether Christmas or otherwise is not easily accomplished by being passive about it. I learned this young from my Daddy. He was an Air Force Pilot, Ops Officer and community builder/business owner after retirement. All that, yet he was never far removed from being one of the kids of what he referred to as 'the poorest family in Goltry, Oklahoma'.  Daddy and me, my first Christmas They didn't start that way. In fact, they started out quite well off but something (many family debates as to what, there was a fire, loss of a patent, the stock market crash, a family mental health issue that a lot of us deal with still, but back then was not really handled well), The point was, they basically had nothing. Nothing but a lot of kids. I'd say a lot of love but I'm not sure about that. The kids loved each other (for the most part, though they all had their issues with Aunt Ile

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